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Led by independent Thought-Leaders. Put simply JUMP on board and enjoy the ride. Presentations you will hear are from real world, delivered by world-class experts. Scroll down to DAY 2 Секс казантип forum jump for detailed information and timetable. He argues that project секс казантип forum jump is the lingua franca of the business and personal worlds from the C-suite to managing your career or relationships.

CEO and co-founder of Rouser, an international brand development consultancy firm headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. JP is a prolific and acclaimed international key-note speaker, raved by the audiences from U. At his very core is a firm belief in critical thinking and freedom from hype.

Expect a thought-provoking speech guaranteed to make you see the world differently. DAY 1 features morning session with distinguished key-note presentations followed by the Thought Leaders panel-discussion expert presentations with corporate case-studies.

The conference ends with an Business Leaders panel-discussion and the closing key-note. The Awards Ceremony closes the conference. The секс казантип forum jump will commence at In front of the main Conference Hall Beethoven.

Секс казантип forum jump

Who runs the show? For Ericsson, he has worked for more than twenty years in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Sweden, Italy and Israel, секс казантип forum jump in managerial positions, as a senior sales director for global telecommunications operations. After returning to Croatia, dr. He is a lecturer at postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb and a visiting lecturer at some faculties and polytechnics in Croatia.

He is a well-known presenter and moderator at numerous conferences and professional events in Croatia, Europe and the world. JP Hanson JP Hanson is a global keynote speaker and the CEO of Rouser, an international brand development consultancy firm headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with intense focus on the brand building aspects of business strategies, primarily pertaining to marketing.

At the very core of Rouser is a firm belief in critical thinking and freedom from hype. The approach, which has led to the firm perpetually and fearlessly analyzing fundamental truths and new ideas alike, mirrors the style of public секс казантип forum jump that Секс казантип forum jump has become known for.

Секс казантип forum jump

Never one afraid to step on toes, expect a thought-provoking speech guaranteed to make you see the world differently. Despite massive investments, innovation remains an often-frustrating pursuit for many companies and brands. Innovation initiatives frequently fall flat, while successful legacy and startup brand innovators alike find themselves unable to sustain performance. The answers are commonly rooted in the absence of a true-to-brand innovation strategy and lack of understanding of growth drivers.

Without objectives that align the business, different parts of an organization can easily wind up pursuing conflicting priorities секс казантип forum jump are not only counterproductive, but harmful to potential market share gain and long-term survivability.

A well-defined innovation strategy, whether routine, disruptive, radical or architectural, can not only ensure a brand that remains relevant to its target audience, but offers value to customers, company and employees alike.

In order to develop it, companies must understand growth drivers, balance technology and psychology and recognize both the fear of the negative and the desire of the positive. In this keynote, CEO of Rouser секс казантип forum jump international секс казантип forum jump strategist JP Hanson will delve into the depths of strategy, technology and human behavior to provide the keys to innovation success and a thought-provoking perspective on business in the digital age.

Innovation is the key to sustained brand relevance 2.

Секс казантип forum jump

Without an innovation strategy, innovation can be directly harmful to chances of market share increase 3. Companies must understand both technology and behavior to successfully секс казантип forum jump in a digital age Tech Expo in front of the main Conference Hall Beethoven So, you want to become Digital?

Start transforming corporate culture. There are numerous examples through the history of warfare and sports when outnumbered and technically inferior teams beat the odds and claimed the секс казантип forum jump over the favorites. Digital arena is no different. Digital is not technology — it is the way of doing business.

Секс казантип forum jump

What happens if you do "digital" with traditional mindset? After having a risk of 4. But what will happen if it starts effecting секс казантип forum jump this? This is a huge problem and there has never been a greater threat to democracy. This will lead to inequality. AI is an opportunity for us to evolve rather than a threat. And it should be in the safe hands!

New skills are arriving in the market to the sustain the demand caused by Секс казантип forum jump and Machine Intelligence.

Секс казантип forum jump

Using of AI to transform and enhance the Future of Work 2. Leadership plays vital role in the impact cause by AI 3. Секс казантип forum jump of new skills секс казантип forum jump sustain the influence of Machine Intelligence Speaker: In the past years many organizations have been drastically replacing Waterfall with Agile.

While agile project management gains momentum, organizations face the conflict if they need to organize their project management organization in a waterfall or an agile way. Clear and objective criteria are defined that help selecting of the right project management track, focusing on the Product instead of the organization.

Секс казантип forum jump

You can only run Agile projects if you trust your team Speaker: A great opportunity to engage in секс казантип forum jump casual chat with speakers and your fellow delegates. Lunch will be served at the main hotel restaurant, providing a variety of specialties ranging from traditional Croatian specialties to best international cuisine. After this speech, you will get insights from a 20 plus years experienced global Manager that describe how to make a long-term strategy and make sure with секс казантип forum jump resources to achieve the objectives to support the digital strategy of the enterprise and be part of the success story.

Секс казантип forum jump

How a digital strategy gets defined in enterprise environment 2. How to realize a секс казантип forum jump digital portfolio 3. How the change drive the technology Speaker: Currently the A2P messaging is focused on transactional messaging, meaning sending notifications, promotional and authentication messages with minimal interaction with the end user.

With the strong push from Amazon, Facebook, Google in the space of digital assistants two-way communication is becoming the norm. The presentation will give an overview of the current status and more importantly of the future trends as well try to explain how the enterprises should prepare and секс казантип forum jump to the new paradigm. Transition from transactional to conversational messaging 2.

Rise of chatbots 3. How to prepare yourself for the communication transformation Speaker: New technological advances will radically transform how we use technology and create a tectonic shift in how business is run.

Strategies need to adjust and adapt new world enabled by 5G and related technologies. Digitalization of industries, enabled by 5G will radically transform existing industries Speaker: The coffee-break makes for a great occasion to mingle around some delegates, share instant feedback about presentations you enjoyed the most, engage in casual chat and naturally visit the sponsors exhibition area.

Tech Expo in front of the main Conference Hall Beethoven. He is the creator of секс казантип forum jump such as the Hierarchy of Purpose featured by Harvard Business Review, or the Project Revolution; which argues that Projects are the lingua franca of the business and personal worlds from the C-suite to managing your career or relationships.

His vision has impacted thousands of секс казантип forum jump, leaders and MBA students. He is author of the bestselling The Focused Organization; currently working on his next book Hierarchy of Purpose. He teaches at some of the world секс казантип forum jump business schools including Duke CE, Skolkovo, IE, Solvay, Vlerick ; and is a much in demand speaker at events worldwide. He is one of the few thought leaders that holds a full time executive position, currently as Director of the Program Management Office at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines.

What will Antonio talk about? Imagine a leader in your organization approaches you and ask you: I cannot tell you who you will work for. The rest of the story? Well, that will have to wait for секс казантип forum jump. The Masterclass will commence at The World Today We all have heard about the disruptions that are impacting our society and the business world: However, there is one extreme disruption that is affecting our world that media and academia have completely missed.

Management and management theory was focused on how to run and optimize efficiency the business best.

Секс казантип forum jump

Projects were an addition, but hardly ever a priority. Paradigm Shift We are witnessing the rise of the Project Economy.

The so-called gig economy is driven by projects. Today, секс казантип forum jump to the speed of change witnessed in the past decade, this model has become obsolete. The day to day running of a business will soon be carried out by automation and robots, if not already done. Projects are becoming the essential part of any organization. This massive disruption is not only impacting the way organizations are секс казантип forum jump.

Секс казантип forum jump

Every aspect of our lives is becoming a set of Projects. Some of the areas I see this massive transformation happening are: Board play a critical role in value creation and long term success of the organization. Conversely, ignorance of the accountability duties by director in these matters is a weakness in corporate governance which can have devastating consequences for corporations, destroying vast amount of value, секс казантип forum jump bringing corporations to the verge of collapse.

For centuries, learning was achieved by memorising books and hefty material. Today, the leading educational systems, starting from секс казантип forum jump ages, apply the concept of projects to teach.

Секс казантип forum jump

Applying theories and experimenting through projects have proven to be a much better learning method, and will become the norm soon.

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